World Scientists Coming Together for the 6th Time at the Poulty Meat Congress...

6th International Poultry Meat Congress, organised every two years by the Association of Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders, will be held in Antalya between 1-5 March 2023.

 Many important scientists, experts and sector stakeholders from many countries of the world and Turkey will participate in the organisation, which is the only and largest congress with international participation in the poultry meat sector.

The sixth Poultry Meat Congress, which has been organised by the Association of Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders (BESD-BİR) since 2011 and has become an important brand in the international platform, will be held in Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek Antalya between 01-05 March 2023.

The Turkish poultry meat sector is preparing to evaluate sustainable production and efficiency, self-sufficiency, local production, logistics services and technological developments in the new world order at the 6th UBEK. Stating that the Poultry Meat Congress, which has been held every two years without interruption since 2011, had to take a break for about 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BESD-BİR Chairman Naci Kaplan continued his words as follows: "We are very pleased to be organising the largest and most important congress with international participation in Turkey for the sixth time. We are also proud to organise our congress on the same date with the 100th anniversary of our Republic and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders (BESD-BİR). As always, the 6th UBEK will bring together all participants, including scientists and industry stakeholders, and will also feature important academics and speakers from many countries around the world.

The aim of this great organisation, which we will organise for the sixth time, is to reveal the sustainable production understanding structured in the new world order, the new rules of global trade, and the consumer behaviours that are becoming more and more conscious every day. To produce the most efficient content that will benefit our industry in the light of science and to plan our own road map by discussing the challenges, solutions and new vision experienced worldwide.

In 2011, our congress chairman Prof. Dr. Necmettin Ceylan and his team, who have been with us since our first congress, have continuously improved our content since then and have provided great support for the branding of UBEK on the international platform, continue the preparations with great devotion. We welcome all our stakeholders to our congress in the first week of March in order to provide more benefit to humanity by sharing and discussing technology, knowledge and innovations." 

5th International Poultry Meat Congress was attended by approximately 1,500 scientists and industry stakeholders from 32 countries, including agricultural, veterinary, food engineers and medical doctors. With 79 oral presentations and 57 poster presentations in 24 sessions, it hosted its guests as a high-level international congress with its quality content. Poultry Meat Congress is registered in the international CAB Abstract database with its continuity and the quality level it has reached.