Başkanın Mesajı


Dear Stakeholders of our sector,

In 2023, we, as being the “Association of Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders” (BESD-BIR) are very enthusiastic and motivated for two reasons. First, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of our association and second, we are very proud of witnessing the hundredth anniversary of our Republic. Our association located in Ankara is representing the poultry meat sector that has an annual turnover of 5.5 billion USD, exporting to 94 countries and contributing to the living of 3 million people, successfully for 30 years.”     

Our association representing the Turkish poultry meat sector is an active member of International Poultry Meat Council for 17 years as being a founder country among other 4 countries and 30 member countries which are realizing 95% of the global poultry meat trade and we are actively participating to international sectoral developments.     

In 1993, poultry meat production in Turkey was 369 thousand tons and consumption per capita was 6 kg. Today, our country is placed at the 10th rank in the world in chicken meat production. Now we are producing 2.3 million tons of poultry meat and consumption per capita is 21 kg. In 1993 we were exporting 1014 tons of chicken meat while today we are exporting 650 thousand tons of poultry meat to 94 countries and at the 7th rank in global trade. We gain ground but its not enough. We have work hard decisively and keep going by developing. Our primary target among others is to increase consumption per capita that is fixed due to the conditions we are experiencing especially in the last 5 years.

Turkish poultry meat sector has reached to international standards related to quality and healthy products by means of the realized investments since 1990 and labor power sourced from the rural areas and we are proud of producing safe food under full registration. In contravention of all problems, our sector is maintaining the best production activities and delivering chicken and turkey meat sturdily on daily basis to all locations from west to east of Turkey.”        

In the latest years, world is witnessing unlimited developments as pandemics, climate change and international tension and rules are changing in all areas. Therefore, all of us have to change and transform to another form that will support the human kind. Poultry meat sector is continuing to experience a rapid development dedicatedly related to sustainability and environment friendly production process that are among the primary issues in the new world order.     

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), global starvation number in 2021 has raised to 828 million. Unfortunately, that number of people are facing malnourishment and facing the risk of food unsafety. Globally poultry meat is the most consumed meat type with a percent of 41. We are producing poultry meat with the highest national and international quality standards and applying food safety principles studiously and we have the very potential to meet the poultry meat demand of the world.         

Last year just as same as the previous year, many countries in the world have struggled with  increased number of cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza that would affect poultry health. In our country located on the immigration routes, poultry meat sector has applied biosecurity measures acutely by following all diseases in the world map with the highest preparedness level as always.       

We are very proud of producing poultry meat with all employees, breeders and other stakeholders of our sector that produce healthy and quality products by meeting the highest national and international quality standards gathering under the same roof of our association and without compromising its principles and objectives.

Sincerely yours,

Chairman of BESD-BİR
Naci Kaplan