Study Groups

Study Groups: Commissions/Working groups are established within BESD-BIR in order to ensure regular follow-up of the issues that need to be meticulously addressed in poultry meat production and to produce sustainable solutions.  The Association has two commissions, the "Commission for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (VTUK)" and the "Language Association Commission” whose studies are still ongoing. Commissions are composed of representatives who are experts in the field. They meet regularly to discuss the developments in their fields, the measures to be taken and the projects to be carried out. Decisions taken in the commissions are shared with the member company authorities and implemented after the approval of the Board of Directors of the Association.

Commission for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (VTUK): The VTUK, which started its work on 31 January 2017, consists of four veterinarians specialized in their field. The Commission, established with the main purpose of monitoring and controlling antimicrobial resistance in poultry meat production, successfully continues its work.

Common Language Commission: “Common Language Commission" was established in November 2018 by BESD-BIR for chicken meat and turkey meat products in order to eliminate the terminology differences arising from the product range enriched by expanding with both producer and consumer demands in poultry meat production and to enable the sector to speak the same language on the basis of products. The commission is composed by four persons, one expert in his field being a Food Engineer, two Agricultural Engineers and one Sales Marketing Specialist. As a result of the studies of the Commission, catalogues have been prepared to realize the use of common language for both product groups. Our studies are ongoing.