New Year Message of Dr. Sait Koca, President of BESD-BİR.

Dear Friends and Distinguished Stakeholders of Our Industry

At the beginning of a new 10 years, we continue our journey with the responsibility and consciousness brought to us by "Poultry Meat Sector”, one of the largest sectors in Turkey, which provides the livelihood of 3 million people with an annual turnover of 5 billion people.

As always, we are proud of our sector that constantly strives to meet the animal protein needs of the people of our country with its quality and affordable products that provide significant added value to the national economy by ranking 8th in the world in chicken meat production and 5th in poultry trade.

The world is struggling with problems... Climate changes, wars and unavoidable chronic food deprivation are being tackled with the increasing world population. In the world that passes through these processes, we know that 815 million people are malnourished and 161 million children are underfed. Based on these facts, we are preparing for the future with the awareness that healthy and balanced nutrition will be the most important item on the agenda in the next 10 years.

The share of poultry meat in total meat production in the world has reached 36.3% and poultry meat has been the most produced meat since 2015. Turkey has a share of 2.3% with its production in this large market. Turkey's exports to 81 countries have exceeded 500 thousand tons and its share in world trade has reached 3.7%.

In recent years, we can explain the rapid increase of poultry meat from red meat as being environment-friendly and having the most effective feed conversion. By applying all the modern and advanced technologies in the world, our sector, which has succeeded in producing quality white meat in the light of science, has become prominent in the world with its successes.

As BESD-BİR member brands that carry out their production with integrated activities so that we can control every stage of production, we are at the beginning of our work to develop, represent, create values and offer quality and safe food to our people with our international standard production.

I would like to express my gratitude to all our members, our board of directors and all my colleagues who have provided full support for the sector to always move forward.

I hope that 2020 will be in health and prosperity for all members of our country, and that the business world will have a productive and profitable year.


Best regards,

Dr. Sait KOCA

President of the Board of Directors of BESD-BİR